About SISA

SISA stands for SI (search inwards) Social Ambassadors. SISA is an initiative powered by SI Magazine and Beyond Mentors Community Care Initiative (BMMCI) to train Nigerian youths on how to care for their community. SI social ambassadors are young, vibrant and selfless Nigerian youths who will stop at nothing to continually contribute their quota in their communities. They are the future of Nigeria in words and action. SI social ambassadors are built to see beyond ethnicity, colour, educational background and religious differences that seem to tear Nigerians apart. For SI social ambassadors, every Nigerian youth is a Nigerian first before other metrics.

This programme is aimed at giving SI Magazine and its humanitarian endeavours presence. SI Magazine as a humanitarian media outfit promotes and projects humanitarian work as part of its ‘call to service’! Voluntary work is one aspect of human endeavours many youths in Nigeria overlook, and as a media house, SI Magazine wants it to be better appreciated and accepted. SI Magazine would “catch them (the youths) young” and mould them into community champions that would become the ‘spine’ of the vehicle to achieve the great task of a ‘greater Nigeria’ every citizen craves for.

Our Mission

Building and indoctrinating a selfless generation of community leaders and outliers

Our Vision

To inculcate the culture of volunteerism and community service

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